Flying with the Flak Pak

A Pacific War Scrapbook by Kenny Kemp

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The Book

Flying with the Flak Pak is one of a kind. In just 300 pages, Kemp records the War in the Pacific through the eyes of his young father, a partially-deaf, poor student who miraculously made it into cadet training and discovered his greatest love: flying. After that, nothing could stop him. 

We follow O.C. Kemp through his training to his deployment to a tiny island in the Pacific, from which he rained hell onto the Japanese captors of the Philippines, the Palaus, Carolines, China, and Japan itself.

Through it all, Kenny details not only the major battles, but also reveals what a mission was actually like, what the boys did in their spare time, even what they had for breakfast.

Like tens of thousands of other boys who became men and then heroes, O.C. Kemp shows us the mettle of the Greatest Generation and his son Kenny shows us the step-by-step process by which they trained, fought, and prevailed.

The Reviews

"Expertly presented and notated, Flak Pak is informed, informative, and an invaluable addition to the growing library of World War II memoirs and histories." -- The Midwest Book Review

"Armed with a spendid array of graphics, Kemp details the U.S. Air Force exploits of his father during WWII as well as painting a larger picutre of the struggle in the Pacific theater and of a bygone eara. Providing engaging prose coupled with images of hundreds of artifacts, Kemp brings the troubled world of his youthful father vividly to life in this well-crafted labor of love and appreciation." -- ALA Booklist

"The 'how' of war is simple, but the 'why' is the glue that holds all the hows in place. In the first two pages of this book, the Pacific conflict is explained in clear, crisp language in a memorable way. 'Bravo Zulu': Navy-speak for 'well done.'" -- Gary Lichty, USN Ret.

The Author

Kenny Kemp is the author of 13 books, most of which deal with the spirituality, from Christian  parables, after-life fantasies, memoirs, and even futuristic sci-fi. 

Kenny writes unforgettable stories, weaving in aspects of the human experience few writers have the courage to do: he includes the tiny voice that whispers to our souls, directing us toward the light as we wrestle with the darkness. 

His Flying with the Flak Pak, a scrapbook memoir about his father's adventure flying B-24 Liberators in the Pacific during WWII is no exception. Combined with extensive historical research, the hundreds of photos, maps, audio transcripts, and personal letters of his father, Kenny taps into the fear, resolve, and resulting courage of a generation of young men who literally saved the world.