What It's About

Through a Pilot's Eyes

Flying with the Flak Pak shows the Pacific War through the eyes of a young bomber pilot. As you follow him from ground school to flight training over Kansas prairies and California deserts, to perilous missions over the endless waters of the Pacific in search of targets a mile square, you'll soon find names slipping easily off your tongue: Angaur, Mindanao, Truk, Chiangdong, Shikoku. You will learn who they were fighting and why, what it took and what it cost. 

But most of all, you'll meet the boys who were forged into men in the crucible of combat and then became heroes. 

​So buckle into the left seat of a B-24 Liberator. Fire up your engines, run your check list, give the thumbs up to the ground crew, and roll out onto the taxiway. You're next for take-off!

What It Contains

It's Unique

There are many great books about WWII, the battles and famous heroes, but there has never been a book about the largely unknown young men who flew in the Pacific theater from equally unknown islands to tiny targets in endless seas.

In 300 pages, Kenny Kemp has assembled over 1,000 photos, orders, letters home, audio transcripts, mission reports, and log books which show what it was like to be on a bomber crew in the thick of it, what a mission was like, what they did with their downtime, even what they had for breakfast and the camaraderie they shared in the shadow of death.

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